Academic Tutoring

We offer an individual learning plan that focuses on our student’s areas of academic need. We support the curriculum our students are seeing in the classroom, and we meet our students where they are. Our approach is personal and helps to increase our students understanding and retention. This leads to improved performance and the development of skills needed for long-term academic success. We tutor students in grades Pre-K through 12 in all academic subjects.



Our reading tutors develop and customize a reading plan for each student. Our students are assessed for phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension. Then we teach reading strategies based on our students’ unique needs. It is absolutely vital to understand how a child learns to read in order to teach a struggling reader. Our reading tutors are trained and experienced in various teaching methods.

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We tutor students in primary, intermediate, and advanced math. Whether a student is struggling with basic number sense or more complex algebraic logarithms, we will develop a plan to help teach the concepts that the student is seeing in the classroom as well as the gaps that have developed over the years. Our math tutors not only know the material, but they are also adept at simplifying and explaining the concepts for our students to understand, retain, and apply.

300X300 Writing


We teach writing skills that include basic writing mechanics and grammar, brainstorming and planning, organization of ideas and concepts, and editing. Producing quality writing involves a step-by-step process and our writing tutors are skilled writers with experience teaching students the ways of writing.

300X300 Science


Science is a fascinating subject, but also a difficult subject for many student to understand. Our science tutors simplify the concepts to increase comprehension, while also engaging students to create more interest in the subject. We instruct our students in basic science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

300X300 Social Studies

Social Studies

We tutor students in history and other social studies classes. History requires organizational skills for the large amount of names, dates, vocabulary, and ideas. Our history tutors instruct students not only on the concepts of history, but also on the skills needed to comprehend and retain the information.

300X300 Language


Students who are fluent in a second language have a clear advantage academically, and later they will have an advantage professionally. We have tutors who are fluent in a variety of languages, and they help our language students increase vocabulary, improve written and oral comprehension, and practice conversational skills.